Friday, September 26, 2008

A wednesday: Movie review

It's been a long time since I watched a nice Hindi movie."A Wednesday" simply rocks! It was better than much-hyped Rock On! With no songs, no old love stories, “A Wednesday" matches my taste!

"A Wednesday" is a movie about terrorism and common man. How common man innovates an idea of dealing with the terrorism when Our Government fails. It’s a great movie, with lots of twists. But, i didn't like the ending of the movie. Why the hell, every bollywood movie should have a happy ending? Though the director gave a reason for that


The story is a simple one. There are bombs, five of them…and this we find that out pretty early on in the movie. One bomb is planted at the police station itself…and as for the other bombs, well that is for the police to find out. And as is common with all terrorists, the person who has planted the bombs wants something in exchange…There is suspense even though we know that the police commissioner (who is the narrator) is alive and well…as we don’t know what is going to
happen to the other characters.

The twist in the tale is what makes the movie worth it. It’s a very satisfying movie although until the last twenty minutes of the movie things seem to be going on in a predictable manner.

Here goes the complete story:

Movie starts with "dialogues" of Anupam Kher who is playing his role as top cop in Mumbai police. He gets a call from a person (Naseeruddin Shah) about planting of 5 bombs in all parts of the city. It should be noted that the name of Naseeruddin Shah is never spoken in the whole movie. The reason for this, as given in the movie, was that people recognize a person with his name. If he is Muslim, then people all think him as a terrorist.

Now, Naseeruddin Shah, who is pretends as a terrorist, asks for freeing the top 4 terrorists from various jails of Mumbai. This was the deal between Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. If police releases all 4 terrorists then Naseeruddin Shah would tell the police about the locations where he has planted the bombs.

Police obeys him and releases all 4 terrorists. Police take all 4 terrorists to a pre-specified place, as Anupam Kher asks for the location of the bombs as per the deal.

Here comes the twist, instead of taking all terrorists with him, Naseeruddin Shah blows all of them except one terrorist.

Now, for how this happens, you must watch the movie. The long dialogue of Naseeruddin Shah in the end of movie is boring...Except it,” A Wednesday” rocks!

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